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Park View Project Drop in Sessions 

Online Chum Mentor Mathew introducing our drop in sessions.



Redefining the Digital Experience 
Our sessions are free and there is no need to book. However, if you want a volunteer Online Chum Mentor to help it is best to let us know in advance.
Our Shiremoor IT space is open plan and is shared with other groups and individuals from a variety of organisations. This makes great sense for networking and provides a physical venue appropriate for local people with mobility difficulties to access this disabled friendly environment. 
Drop in sessions allow people shared space where more traditional face-to-face interactions take place. The sessions are open to all regardless of age or ability as long as their needs can only be met because they either have no access to online services or lack basic digital skills. 

Park View Project is a digital based project working towards engaging and empowering all those who find themselves at the digital periphery and who are at a disadvantage because they are not online. Help from our volunteer Online Chums is available to address how to maximize your digital products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc as well as provide support in setting up email addresses and all matters relating to getting the best and safest secure access to the
World Wide Web.

We can also offer Cyber security Awareness along with some community based activities via our  web platform. For those who want to access our Active Learning Community Reporters program, which you can also do from home, it gives you the opportunity to 'learn as you go' as you produce a article, feature or story - Please see Community Reporters Active Learning Module for more information. 
You can find out more about the learning opportunity on the website. Park View Project welcomes individuals who are ex servicemen, young people who have experienced cyber bullying, older and/or disabled people who find public access to PC's compromising. For more information, you can call General Office on 0191 4661667. Or email Bob at


Digital Inclusion is Social Inclusion

Two of our volunteers Mart to the left and Vicki to the right
Three volunteer Online Chum Mentors discussing Heritage Lottery funding.

Pictured are our Volunteer Online Chums Mart, Vicki, Simon and Marc Froggatt

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